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New Teams Policy – Update Policies

A new policy has arrived in in the Microsoft Teams admin center! Teams > Update Policies.

This is found under the Teams menu heading in the teams admin center.

What does this do?

This policy allows the assigned users the opportunity to try out and test upcoming teams client features! YES!

How do you enable?

In the Teams Admin Center, select “Teams” and then “Update policies”

There is a Global policy already there and it is set to off

As I don’t want all users to be able to have access to these features I have created a new policy “Pioneer Users”. I will cover policies in a different post.

This policy I have assigned to a User by going to the user and manually editing the users policies.

So what now?

This Feature is currently rolling out, When the desktop client has been updated due December 2020, there will be a new option available to enable public preview from the client if the update policy has been enabled.

To Enable the feature:

Select your profile to display the Teams menu.
Select About → Public preview.
Select Switch to Public preview.


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